A superb antenna.

The Smartech 27DL4 is made for important installations and for those who expect high-level performance from their equipments. It's a SmarTech extreme line model.

The low impedance design, together with a special mechanical structure, give the system the two essential characteristics, required for every antenna: high performance and mechanical strength.

V-bracket 27DL4 SmarTech

Although the modelling software have become in common use, the achievement of stable models with excellent performance is not only the result of accurate calculations but also the final result of particularly complex optimization techniques. This is particularly true for loop antennas with an high number of elements. The 27DL4 is the result of a modelling work that has employed several days and several computers simultaneously. The next prototyping stage has finally allowed to define the final physical model through further measurement and optimization cycles, until the perfect convergence between numerical and physical models.

From the mechanical point of view, the antenna is made with SmarTech  HD Technology, with parts even in stainless steel and aluminium alloy 6082. Thus, the structure is elastic and at the same time very strong.

Aluminium - 27DL4 SmarTech Antennas

Unlike fiberglass structures, aluminium systems give a considerable duration and better response to wind loads. This allows to keep "intact" the antenna geometry (shape) and avoid sudden changes of impedance and decay of efficiency and general performances.

The "closed ring" configuration and DC Grounded property, give special low noise qualities to the antenna due to the absence of electrostatic currents. Therefore, the SmarTech 27DL4 maintains its efficiency even in conditions where noise makes unusable other antenna systems.

The absence of electrostatic currents, together with Gamma Match decoupling function, offer a special protection against electric shocks to the RTX antenna connector. They're often cause of dangerous damages (or even destruction) to front-end stages.

SmarTech Deltaloop Antennas are designed to reach the best possible configuration of Forward Gain, F/B Ratio, F/S Ratio and Radiation Solid Clearence because of design resulting combinations are not affected by the 50 ohm native impedance constraint.
Therefore once the best antenna configuration is reached, a specific gamma match system provides the perfect 50 ohm impedance for the maximum power transfer and for the maximum system efficiency.

Delta Loop Antennas SmarTech


The antenna main structure is made of aluminium alloy EN AW-6060/82 UNI 9006/1 (Anticorodal 60/100), which provides excellent long-term durability against the most severe weather (ice, water, UV rays, fine particles, acid rain), and better resistance to heavy wind load.

The Delta Loop is supplied with stainless steel parts AISI 304 (Inox Austenitic UNI / EN 10088) and steel S235JR2 (UNI 100 series), certified according to 2000/53 / CE + RoHs standards.

Insulators are made of Polypropylene PPC 5660, resistant to remarkable thermic excursions (certified for temperatures from -20°C to +130°C), with high load at break (ultimate tensile strength 25Mpa), excellent abrasion-resistant and volume resistivity > 1018

The horizontal wire is one of the most important components of the antenna. Here flows the highest current and RF radiation is maximum. Therefore the quality of the material most determines the system efficiency.

For this, SMARTECH has focused its utmost care and efforts for the production of a specific, special wire consisting of 99.99% pure copper with antioxidation coating and insulated with a special polymer.

The wire is also used for military and aerospace applications because of its excellent dielectric properties (insulation better than glass), abrasion and tear resistant, UV rays resistant, chemical solvent attack resistant. IDT 8 kV. Operating temperatures -65+150°C.

High-Quality wire SmarTech Antennas

The antenna is made to obtain the maximum electrical efficiency, the best mechanical resistance and durability, thanks to its high quality materials. It is also suitable for installation in mountain areas and coastal (corrosive) areas.

SmarTech antennas are designed with the minimum necessary electrical/mechanical joints. So, parasitic resistances are the lowest possible so as to minimize unwanted RF dissipations.

In order to maintain its best performances, each Delta Loop is individually checked before shipment.

Costs include proper packaging, completion of customs documentation and shipping tracking 24/7. All products are shipped with the most important and reliable international couriers.

What Our Customers Say

Antenna 4 el. Delta Loop 27DL4 SmarTech

Antenna is fantastic. Logbook full today including several south American contacts. Speaking to people others from my country couldn't even hear. Superb. This antenna can sniff out weak signals whilst ignoring local strong stations. To say I'm delighted with this antenna compared to my previous UK made 4 element Yagi is an understatement. Best money I've spent in a long time.

68FW029, Stan - N. Ireland

Antenna J-Pole 27VJ SmarTechAntenna J-Pole 27VJ SmarTech

Setup by Mr. Serafino R. - Italy

Gain 14.9dBi @10m (32.8ft)
Front/Back Ratio 29dB @10m (32.8ft)
Impedance 50 ohm
Power rating 3 kW (optional 5 kW)
VSWR min. @50 ohm 1.0:1
Matching Method Gamma Match
3 dB Horizontal Beamwidth 62° @10m (32.8ft)
Weight 26.20kg (57.7lb)
Boom length 6.05m (19.8ft)
Longest element 2.88m (9.44ft)
Rotation radius 2.88m (9.44ft)
Projected area [F=Flat - C=Cylindrical] F = 0.63 m² (6.8 ft²) - C= 0.268m² (2.885 ft²)

4 el. DELTA LOOP (27DL4)

  • € 648.00