The V-Yagi represents an evolution of the Yagi-Uda antenna.
Thanks to the specific angular calibration of the elements, Smartech V-Yagis express remarkable forward gain, front/back ratio and radiation patterns.
The V-Yagi is well suited for installation on relatively small rotors and small spaces.

2 el. V-YAGI  (27YV2)

2 el. V-YAGI (27YV2)

V-Yagi antennas are an evolution of the traditional Yagi-Uda system, obtained by..

€ 262.00

3 el. V-YAGI (27YV3)

3 el. V-YAGI (27YV3)

The V-Yagi is an evolution of planar Yagi-Uda systems. The particular element sh..

€ 322.00

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