High efficiency and full size Delta Loop antennas by SmarTech Innovations.
Modeled with NEC-based software and optimized with PSO euristhic method.
Low Noise antennas. High mechanical strength.
Full-Wave closed loop.
Produced with Smartech HQ wire.

Why SmarTech?

The SmarTech Delta Loop antennas are designed to achieve the best configuration between maximum forward gain, improved Front-to-Back ratio, better Front-to-Side ratio, and greater radiation pattern cleanness. This is achievable because the calculation combinations are not limited to only 50 ohm (or 100 ohm) configurations, unlike direct feed antennas with coaxial cable. Imposing specific design impedances can significantly limit the range of useful solutions, resulting in greater performance compromises.
The SmarTech Delta Loop antennas are designed with the most advanced calculation models that allow for optimal configuration without impedance constraints. The impedance matching is performed by a specific and high-quality gamma match system, ensuring the best signal transfer and extremely high efficiency levels of the whole antenna system.

Delta Loop Antennas SmarTech

► Insights: Electrostatic discharges in a direct feed (with coax cable) Delta Loop antenna   [VIDEO]

2 el. DELTA LOOP  (27DL2)

2 el. DELTA LOOP (27DL2)

The SmarTech 27DL2 is the Delta Loop that, above all, responds to the needs of t..

€ 338.10

3 el. DELTA LOOP (27DL3)

3 el. DELTA LOOP (27DL3)

The SmarTech 27DL3 is the antenna of choice for those who demand the best.The im..

€ 462.00

4 el. DELTA LOOP (27DL4)

4 el. DELTA LOOP (27DL4)

A superb antenna.The Smartech 27DL4 is made for important installations and for ..

€ 648.00

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