High efficiency and full size Delta Loop antennas by SmarTech Innovations.
Modeled with NEC-based software and optimized with PSO euristhic method.
Low Noise antennas. High mechanical strength.
Full-Wave closed loop.
Produced with Smartech HQ wire.

Why SmarTech?

SmarTech Deltaloop Antennas are designed to reach the best possible configuration of Forward Gain, F/B Ratio, F/S Ratio and Radiation Solid Clearence becouse of design resulting combinations are not affected by the 50 ohm native impedance constraint.
Therefore once the best antenna configuration is reached, a specific gamma match system provides the perfect 50 ohm impedance for the maximum power transfer and for the maximum system efficiency.

Delta Loop Antennas SmarTech

► Insights: Electrostatic discharges in a direct feed (with coax cable) Delta Loop antenna   [VIDEO]

2 el. DELTA LOOP  (27DL2)

2 el. DELTA LOOP (27DL2)

The SmarTech 27DL2 is the Delta Loop that, most of all, responds to the needs of..

€ 338.10

3 el. DELTA LOOP (27DL3)

3 el. DELTA LOOP (27DL3)

The SmarTech 27DL3 is the right antenna for who demand the best.Thanks to the lo..

€ 462.00

4 el. DELTA LOOP (27DL4)

4 el. DELTA LOOP (27DL4)

A superb antenna.The Smartech 27DL4 is made for important installations and for ..

€ 648.00

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