Small, compact, stinging.

The SmarTech 27Y3S is an antenna that has all the advantages of low-impedance designs and all the advantages of a small, slender and light system.

In 1.5 m boom, the antenna gives excellent F/R and forward gain values. Its lightness and reduced physical dimensions allow to mount it on light supports and rotors, even for TV use.

The antenna can be used both in horizontal and vertical polarization. It is also suitable for stacks of 4-8 antennas (ask our Technical Division for infos and customized solutions).

Thanks to the hairpin (or beta match) matching system, the 27Y3S is DC Grounded. The antenna is low noise and offers greater protection against electrostatic shocks to your RTX.

The SmarTech 27Y3S fits in a very small and lightweight package, so is particularly suitable for portable uses. Assembly operations are few and simple. On request we can supply wing nuts for easy and quick assembly.


The main structure of the antenna is made of aluminum alloy EN AW-6060/82 UNI9006 / 1 (Anticorodal 60/100), which gives greater durability against the most aggressive atmospheric agents (ice, water, UV rays, fine dust, acid rain), and a better resistance to the mechanical stresses of the wind.

SmarTech antennas are also supplied, depending on the models and specific mechanical requirements, with parts in Aisi 304 stainless steel (Austenitic Stainless Steel UNI / EN 10088) and parts in steel compliant with the resistance classes designated by the EN ISO 898-1 standard: 2013.

The insulators blocks are in POLYPROPYLENE PPC 5660, a material resistant to considerable thermal excursions (from -20 ° C to + 130 ° C), with high breaking load (tensile strength 25Mpa), good resistance to abrasion and volume resistivity> 1018

The antenna is designed to achieve maximum electrical efficiency and the best mechanical strength and durability, thanks to the quality of the materials used.

It is also suitable for installation in particularly aggressive environments, such as high altitude mountainous areas or coastal areas with a highly corrosive atmosphere.

SmarTech antennas are made with materials and technological solutions that minimize parasitic resistances (which produce unwanted RF dissipations) along the entire radio frequency signal path.

If shipping costs to your destination are not included during the ordering process, please contact us. We will send you a quotation for the fastest, safest and cheapest shipping solution.

Gain 12.8 dBi @6m (19.7ft) - 13.6 dBi @12m (39.4ft)
Front/Back Ratio 25.5 dB @6m (19.7ft) - 34.5 dB @12m (39.4ft)
Impedance 50 ohm
Power rating 5.0 kW
3 dB Horizontal Beamwidth 72° @6m (19.7ft) - 68° @12m (39.4ft)
Weight 4,7kg (10,3lb)
Boom length 1.5m (4,92ft)
Longest element 5.22m (17,1ft)
Rotation radius 2.72m (8,91ft)
Projected area [F=Flat - C=Cylindrical] F = 0.31m²(3.4ft²) - C= 0.045m²(0.5ft²)

3 el. YAGI S 27 MHz (27Y3S)

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