The horizontal wire is one of the most important parts of a Delta Loop antenna.

It's the part where
occurs the maximum radiation and where currents reach the greatest intensity. The quality of the cable is thus one of the most important components determining the efficiency of a Delta Loop.

Smartech Projects has focused extreme attention and the maximum technological effort in the production of a special wire, also used for military and aerospace applications.


The HQ SmarTech cable is constituted by pure
99.99% copper with antioxidation coating and insulated with a special polymer, with excellent dielectric characteristics.

  •     Coat insulation: better than glass
  •     High abrasion resistance
  •     High tear resistance
  •     Chemical solvent attack resistant
  •     UV resistant
  •     Operating temperature -65 + 150 ° C
  •     Dielectric strength up to 8 kV
  •     Made in Italy
  •     Certification RoHS II
  •     Aerospace and military applications

High Quality SmarTech wire